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Unlock your audience

Let your special fans and audience appreciate your creative work and value

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Dakowa is a service for content creators, charity homes, non-profit and religious institutions that they may use to receive tips and donations to support their work. While the term "dakowa" and "karfa" is mostly used, your supporters are actually donating money to you. It is primarily adding a donate button to your content or website, but with more fun and easiness. Signing up takes about one minute, and the service is free to use. Read More

More easy and fun on Mobile Platforms

Dakowa on mobile platforms is quite easy and fun to use. Pack with more functionalities, real-time notifications and all you need. Why don't you try it out. dakowa google playstore install link Google Play
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Let your audience and followers say thank you with easy

Dakowa makes supporting and fellowership easy. In a couple of minutes, your fans can support you with karfas. They won't even have to create an account. They can even leave a message for you and receive a thank you message from you.

Some of what Dakowa will offer you

  • You get your payout weekly (Thursday and Friday)
  • No Charge during payout. We take care of the bank charges from our end.
  • We are always available to give you advice in order to hit the ground running. No bots.
  • We will never message your supporters. You own your supporters 100%.
what dakowa can offer you