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Frequently asked questions

Who uses Dakowa?

Anyone with an audience. Youtubers, musicians, podcasters, writers, programmers, nonprofits, religious instutitons, NGOs, orphanages, you name it.

How do I get paid?

Payments are directly transferred to your bank account every thursdays and fridays. We do not hold your money, and there is no minimum to get paid. Emergency payout requests outside Fridays attracts a charge of 1% of the said amount.

How can my audience support?

We accept all major Credit Cards through our paymemt processor (Paystack). We are working to integrate more payment options.

Is there a fee to use Dakowa?

We don't charge a monthly fee. All features including publishing and emails are free for everyone. We charge a 5% commission capped at NGN 10,000 on every support, and creators keep 94% of the earnings. We make money only when you do. We'll never show ads and we'll never sell your data.

How is this different from other platforms for creators?

Dakowa was built bearing Nigerians in mind. Besides, your Dakowa page is arguably the most delightful experience you can offer your audience. From the one-tap payment (no sign-ups required!) to the delightful little touches for your supporters, we’ve obsessed over every bit of detail.

Is Dakowa safe and reliable?

We don’t store credit card data on our servers. Payment processing is handled by Paystack. We run on the robust DigitalOcean infrastructure. Cloudflare adds an additional layer of security. We also take periodic backups and force SSL encryption across the platform.

Do I have complete ownership of my supporters?

Yes, your supporters are strictly yours. We do not email them. You can export their list any time you like.

What is Dakowa?

Dakowa is a service for content creators, charity homes, non-profit and religious institutions that they may use to receive tips and donations to support their work. While the term \"dakowa\" and \"karfa\" is mostly used, your supporters are actually donating money to you. It is primarily adding a donate button to your content or website, but with more fun and easiness. Signing up takes about one minute, and the service is free to use. However, there is a 5% fee for each transaction.